Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Word of the Day

So, I started escuela today. I am taking an intensive German course - 3 hours every Wednesday and Friday.
Today, we focussed on a couple of things, but my 'homework' consisted mainly of practices with the following word:

TROTZDEM: regardless, nevertheless, yet, but

Ich bin krank. Trotzdem gehe ich zur Schule. (I am sick. Nevertheless, I am going to school.)
Ich bin krank. Ich gehe trotzdem zur Schule.

It seemed like a pretty sophisticated word to me, until I heard little four-year-old Filippa use it! Mother of Zeus!

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  1. Words like that that cover several words in English or can only be as expressed as a phrase in another language are always funny. One of the ways in which learning a new language really expands your mind and gives you new ways to think about things. The other day my roommate asked me if I knew what "that's amore" meant, and I thought, "well freaking duh", but then I realized amor is not an English word. That only vaguely related to the first half of this paragraph, I must be trying to confuse you. Success!