Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Typical Week - incase y'all wanted to know. :-)


Life is starting to fall into some sort of pattern. FINALLY! Oh. my. goodness. I have discovered that schedules and routines are absolutely essential for my general peace of mind. Who'd have thought?

So here is a typical week in Emilydom:

Mondays/Tuesdays: death days. I am with the kids from 8 - 7:30/8. I get the kids fed/dressed and run Filippa to kindergarten, pick her up, play with Fritz (current obsession: railroad building), pick up toys with Fritz, put Fritz to bed, run Marietta to guitar and back, play some more, pick up some more, go on walks, make dinner, get kids ready for and in bed. Sounds simple - except when your companions are constantly fluctuating between tantrums and wild rampages of delight. If I were queen of the world, I would provide all mothers with means to take a midday nap. Too bad I am not queen of the world. Bummer...

But, after Tuesday, life gets much better!
Wednesdays, I have class from 9-12. After Frtiz's nap, I have the kids till bedtime.
Class is a lovely social outlet, though I am a little disappointed in the intensity of the course...because it just isn't. Whatev. Living in the language is intense enough. I'm still happy. :-)
With so much time to myself, Wednesdays seem to be shaping out to be pretty peaceful days.

Thursdays are a bit more hectic. I run Filippa to school, then rush back so Melanie can take Fritz to a church playgroup that she runs. So, I am off-ish until noon. It's the afternoons that get harry with running kids to sports/lessons/to and from playgroups...Melanie and I play MOVING musical chairs between the three kids and two cars. It's brilliant - You should come play! I am off early - a bit after 6 - so I can go to Institute. Though struggling with comprehension is exhausting, Institute almost always gives me a boost.

Fridays are less predictable. We'll see how those go. But, as they come right before the weekend, they can't e too bad. I'm looking forward to this one! I have an appointment that I have procrastinated making for literally years in the morning and the rest of the day off! The ward/stake (I am not sure which...) is having their Gold and Green Ball in the evening. Goals accomplished, me time, and dress-up = an AMAZING day!

Weekends are weekends. Sometimes I am traveling with the family, and sometimes I am doing regular weekend stuff: church, errands, church activities... I looks like it will end up being about half ans half. Not bad.

I had my first normal weekend last weekend. The normal weekends are just lovely! Really. I biked over to Friedrischdorf to pick up my cell from Lonnie (miracle: Sam and Lonnie just happened to be walking out the door to go to the Friedrichsdorf temple when I called), then walked all over Friedrichsdorf and Bad Homburg looking for a fabric store (shocker, eh?). Never found one, but really enjoyed exploring. As that only took about 6 hours total, you can imagine how small these towns are. Then, I went to Frankfurt with a friend from church where we saw 'The Time Traveler's Wife' and got ice cream at - you'll never guess - McDonald's. Apparently, McD's is a treat for people here. BIZARRE!

Then Sunday. Hmmmm, I love Sundays. As I didn't have to give a talk or contribute much in Sunday School, it was particularly nice. I sit with the couple missionaries during sacrament meeting - they make me so happy! I love it!

And then we start all over again. There is always a little wrench in the works to add some spice to life, but now that I know that peace and quiet will come, coping with the crazy times has been so much easier.

Thanks to all of you who have listened to my venting and walked me through the adjusting - you have helped so much. I love you!


  1. I agree, it's surprising at first that the dregs of our cuisine can be a commodity in other places.

  2. Oh Neddy I miss you! And I'm so glad you finally went to see Sam and Lonnie :-)

  3. Hi Emily!!! I just found your blog! I didn't know you had one. My blog is it's all about homeschooling the kiddos:) Hope you are loving Germany, sounds like an adventure!