Friday, September 18, 2009

Come VISIT! $614 flights

I was walking through town the other day on some errands and thinking of how sad it is to experience this all by myself. I wished one of you were here to get excited over the countryside and peaceful scenes, the little quaint corners and little details - the adventure!

So. Here we go: there are round-trip tickets between Las Vegas and Frankfurt in mid october (several dates available) starting at $614. ... Just sayin.

If you come early, I can play with you as the family will be off in Spain for a week and a half, and I am pretty sure you can stay here with me - there are extra bedrooms up here on the third floor.

So. There you go. (Think My Big Fat Greek Wedding.)

Come play!


  1. If I weren't going to be 8 months prego I would SO be there. I would find a way to pay for it and come for fall break. Sadly, I'm turning into a pumpkin and the thought of sitting on a plane that many hours makes me sad. My bummy gets sore after three hours of church. Oh, how I want to go. It is SO tempting!

  2. Oh, miss Marje! I miss you! But I think the airlines wouldn't let you come. Good thing I love little baby Ada too, or I'd be seriously jealous. How are you doing? Do we have pics of your big belly? How's your class this year? HOW ARE YOU!?!

  3. Egad! Are you in Frankfort? I was trying to find you in Boston--just in case you came back. Sounds like an adventure! What are you doing there?
    Lynda Geames

  4. Ned! Heard about the great airfare when discussing the visit with Abby (on her hook-up with us in VA). Big tug on my heart thinking how much fun it would be to dash over. But, Abs is coming! Yeah! Make sure she gives you a GIANT hug from me! Miss you!