Monday, August 10, 2009


Here are the kiddos - Filipa, Fritz, and Marietta respectively. We are in the car on the way to Cologne from Bab Homburg.

The family dropped me off in the city on their way to visit a friend from college. Melanie was wonderful and found a cheap bus tour. I rode around for an hour and a half hearing the history. Here is a pic of the cathedral and the city from my bus window. Note the greyness of the day. A little glum, but still pretty.

Apparently eau de cologne comes from Cologne - who knew!?! There is a particular brand of it, called 4711 -after the address of the parfumerie where it is made, and here it is!

Finally out of the bus, and toe the Dom (German name for catherdral). It is the biggest in
Germany -holy hugeness!

For some reason, I was rather tickled by the statues of the apostles/kings - whatever they are. A little quirky

And then the glrious interior! I LOVE gothic columns and the vaulted ceilings! AMAZING!!!

So, I saw this starcase on the same wall as the one that led me to the giftshop, so I figured it was just another exhibit or something down there in the catherdra's foundation. No, no. It was a little winding staircase that led all the way to the top of the catherdral! HOLY MOLEY. It took me a good 20 min of straight climbing, but, dang it, I did it! Here are some voews from the top, or on the way to.


  1. Oh my amazing! The kids are super cute! They look like a student that I had which was from Finland. Wow, what a beautiful city. What other buildings did you get to see? What are your days like? I miss you love!

  2. The cathedral is amazing! It makes home seem so "young." Almost like the Disneyland version of Europe. Wish we had cool architecture like that here. Thanks for the pics Em. mwah

  3. Fab pics baby girl! Keep them coming. Just make sure you have "permission" of the parents to put their kids on your blog. CYA, ya know? Love & miss you TONS! AC

  4. I saw quite a few, Marje - but that is it; I just saw them from a bus, or walking around, so I wouldn't know what they were. Sorry, love!

    Tina - teeeeeeeell me about it. I can't even comprehend how old and how much history is connected with these places. So beautiful.

    Ooo. Good call, Caite. And I'm trying, I'm tryin! I've never been at all good at journaling...keep reminding me and I hope I'll get better. MWAH!

    Miss you all!!!