Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cologne II

Alright, here is the rest of my Cologne trip:

If you can make them out, here is a picture of the flying buttresses on the dom - I have some vague memories of Mama talking about her fascination with flying buttresses and thought of her - this is for you, Mama!

And the wretched, misleading staircase.

After I made it down, I bought an ice cream cone (what else!?!) and took a little walk. Next to the cathedral is a Roman/Germanic museum. It was closed at the time, but the exhibit outside was lovely. Colin, Daddy, these are for you. Thought you two might be interested.

Then, more walking...For some strange reason, I couldn't get way from the cathedral. I went in all different directions and would always wind back up at the dom. WEIRD! First Arlington Cemetery, then the Cologne Dom - I am NEVER going anywhere near the Burmuda Triangle!
Once I FINALLY escaped the dom, I spent an hour or two wandering around the medieval part of the city. The streets were cobbled and narrow -very cozy. You can see the facades of the buildings - mostly beerhouses and cafes below, with housing above, I believe. The whole atmosphere was chaming!

And this is a statue in the middle of the old haymarket. I know it is odd, but I love haymarkets!!! I have no idea what this monument is about specifically...I just wanted to remember the place.

And finally, Monty Python! What the...? I love it! I couldn't help thinking of Colin and the FOOs when I saw the billboards. Can we tell I miss my family? - It's true. Trips are just not the same without you! Love!

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  1. "We are the knights who say, 'NIE!'" the dudes at the haymarket are kinda creepy. Especially 2nd from the left. They remind me of the dead guys in Pirates of the Carribean.