Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bad Homburg

This is the town in which I live.

We are less than 30 min from Frankfurt, which is the banking/business hub of Germany. Little Bad Homurg is far from being a business hub, thank goodness! The town centers around a small castle with a 'fußgänger zone' (a shopping/dining street accessible only to pedestrians) below it. Our street leads straight to the castle grounds -a 5 minute walk from the house. Little Fritzy and I have taken several walks there over the past few weeks. He sits in his stroller and tells me which way we should turn next as we wind through the grounds. He has recently ventured outside of the stroller to pick up acorns - what exciting lives we lead, eh? :-)

Here a view of the witchtower from the grounds. I don't know what they mean exactly by 'witchtower', that is just what the sign says. Sweet scene in any case.

The castle tower. To the right is a huge pond - 'Wasser!' Fritz shouts...every single time he sees it...

Mama, Daddy, I am gathering gardening ideas as I go. I love the way they've labled these little fruit trees. They've hung little handwritten signs from the trunks. Subtle and sophisticated. Love it.

Here is the church next to the castle, and more of the grounds. (Love the turquoise pots!)

I love beautiful things and beautiful weather. I have both in abundance here and am grateful for them. Amen. :-)


  1. Fritzy is ADORABLE! German toe-heads run in the family! But you knew that, right? I like the touquoise pots too! Fab!

  2. I think there are witches in the witchtower. Have you eaten any frankfurters?